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Apr 09
Refurbished worktop with woodgrain

10 cheapest ways how to renovate worktops in 2021

While you consider to renovate worktops in your kitchen yourself, have you considered the most obvious budget friendly options in 2021?


I don’t know about you, but I do take pride in my kitchen. When our friends come to visit, we always end up standing in the kitchen, leaning on the worktops and just gabbing away for hours. So, when we moved to our new house my kitchen was not up to my desired standard. Starting from the tops. Hence, I started to look into the cheapest, more affordable ways to try and renovate worktops myself.

Working in company North West Wrapping (NWW) that do renovate countertops along the cupboards, I thought I will look through all the possible (reasonable) worktop renovation options, not only the ones that are offered by NWW. To emphasise 3ed, 6th and 8th worktop renovation options are laid out for you in expert level with detailed steps in 6th option. The rest of the methods is just for ”taste” purposes only, if you are interested, please make your own deeper research.

To compare the costs, I took my kitchen worktops as a base line, that would measure 5m 50cm length and 63cm width, so in total that would be nearly 4 sq meters of surface.

 I made some countertop renovation expenses and added some links. Just noting down, that none of the external companies which links I have added, do not pay NWW or provide any discounts. 

  1. Revarnishing or treating the wooden worktops one way to renovate worktopsButchers wooden worktops

Not everybody is a fan of those wooden butcher’s block tops. But those who do appreciate 100% wood on their countertops, do know that with time the wood gets easily scratched, stained and is easily marked with coffee or ketchup. Renovating tops with oil? Yes, this is one of the most obvious methods, but still, worth to mention. To renovate worktops, you can go both ways, treat the wood with oils or give a nice layer of varnish. Just to achieve the complete look you would need to sand it down first, till stains and scratches are gone.

Materials needed for treating worktops: boiled linseed oil, cloth, sanding machine.

Materials needed for revarnishing countertops: acrylic varnish  because you will need two layers at least, brushes , sanding machine


  1. Leave the message on worktops chalk board paint



Nice way how to renovate countertops is transforming them in the nice quirky messaging board. To be able to do that, you need  to  prepare your worktops for painting. First, go over the surfaces with sanding paper, then apply your base coat on worktops and leave to dry for 1-2 hours. For the finishing touch, put on the chalkboard paint. Just a little note there, make sure the paint is non-toxic and food safe. When the paint has dried, make sure you have that chalk to leave your messages on.

Materials needed for chalk board worktops: sanding paper, base coat paint, brushes, chalkboard paint, chalk to write.

  1. Marble worktops with self-adhesive easy way to renovate worktops

    Carrera Marble Renovated Worktop

    Carrera marble renovated worktop

Another sustainable worktop renovation way, is to make sure you get that marble look. Getting that, but not purchasing those marble slabs, is choosing marble self-adhesive material. There are different options, like black and white marble worktops, pink marble countertops, golden marble worktops, Carrera marble worktops just choose the finish you want to achieve. Small tip, make sure you buy the material in the length of your worktops, not the 2m pieces, to avoid to overlay the material (which is not very elegant finish or try and put them together very accurately, but soon there will go in dirt and it will start to peal). To look at more renovated worktop ‘before and after’ pictures which are completed by NWW visit here.

Materials needed for marble self-adhesive worktops: Carrera marble  William Smith, heat gun , cloth  spirit, squeegee, measuring tape, heat resistance gloves and cutting knife.

  1. Stone worktops with textured spray paintStonsper

If you want to renovate worktops with stone alike look, consider textured spray paint. What is textured spray paint? It is paint in aerosol bottle, which is saturated with different substances added to paint, that helps to give the stony effect. According to manufacturers, you will need to clean down your surfaces, remove any dust, loose paint, mould/mildew and any oil residues. Best to clean your surfaces with spirit. To cover 5m and 50cm in total nearly 4sqm surface with two layers, I will need 8 flacons of the paint. The paint I would consider to use would be from Sprayster aerosol bottle.

Materials needed for textured spray worktops: spirit, cloth, spray aerosol bottles.

  1. Renovate your worktops with tilesTilenium

If you like tiles and want renovate your worktops completely, then  Ronhazelton in his YouTube video has explained everything in detail. Video here. As he emphasises the laminate worktops are not friendly towards mortar (as we know that is the main “glue” to attach tiles and make sure those stay in place), so you would need to buy special adhesive, put a layer of that on your countertops, then put fibber glass reinforced paper and on top one layer with mortar. When that has dried off, your worktops are ready to be tiled. As for the design – sky is the limit.

Materials needed for tile worktops:fibber glass reinforced paper, underlying adhesive , mortar from totaltiles, spacers, trowel , tiles depending on the design, according to Checkatrade it would cost £35 per sqm, grout.

  1. Wooden effect worktops with contact paper

    Wooden Effect Renovated Worktop

    Wooden effect renovated worktops

Fancy wooden worktops, but you are not ready to invest in those authentic but