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Who we are

North West Wrapping Limited started as a small family business in Skelmersdale in West Lancashire. We have grown because of the passion for each and every project we do.

The desire to help our clients achieve the best-looking designs and the most comfortable homes is what we love seeing. Our true rewards are our clients proud and happy with the makeover that has been done by North West Wrapping Limited.

From kitchens to bedrooms, we love it all. Our trained specialists share the passion for projects and we make it personal each time we speak to our clients or deliver the project.

What we can offer

We wrap kitchen cupboards, fireplaces, internal, external doors, units, bed side cabinets, bedroom furniture, wardrobes, insides of cabins, boats, caravans, as well as different vehicle full and partial wrap.

We offer to cut the custom size doors, for change of design or build a new cupboards.

You have an idea? Let us know and we will wrap it up.

Our values

We highly value our clients. We respect your time, privacy, property and from the first conversation (online, phone or in person) we would share that passion for your idea and project.

We are eager not only to realise your idea, but also to provide the best-looking outcome in the highest possible quality.

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